To a maximum of $2000

The Forest Industry Council (FIC) was formed in 1981 as a platform for Industry to advance the stability and prosperity of the forest industry throughout the Southern NSW Region. A further objective is to sponsor such programmes as are deemed necessary and desirable to further industry and community development.

In line with these objectives FIC is now offering a scholarship program that will be available to applicants in Forest Industry related fields as outlined below.
Scholarship/Grant scope

Funds of up to $2000 will be made available for applicants with the following parameters:

Applicants must be a resident of the South West Slopes and have a demonstrated commitment to the Forest Industry.
Applicants proposals must align with the Objectives of the Forest Industry Council.

The following categories will be considered:

Direct or indirect costs associated with training in a Forest Industry related field.
Promotion of the Forest Industry in the South West Slopes.
Advancement of learning and skills in the Forest Industry.
Costs associated with Forestry Seminars/travel.
Research in a Forest Industry related field.

Determination of Grant

Applications will be considered by the FIC member group and awarded based on their alignment with the FIC objectives. In any year, the funding may be awarded to a single applicant or divided amongst a number of applicants at the discretion of the FIC review committee.

The application form is available electronically by emailing Megan Arragon at e-mail: or send your details as listed below.

Closing date for applications is Friday 15 February 2019.
FIC Scholarship application form information required:

  • Name, address/email of applicant.
    Brief description of proposal (attach supporting information if required)
    Costs sought
    Supporting Information
    Employment History (attach C.V. or briefly outline)